S Kurt Weissbecker

Hey Al….
A truly “stellar” performance on your part.
Now that I have delved into celestial matters
here, I can only say that I must have been born
under the right star, because it led us to meet one
another. To think our meeting was just by
happenstance- sheer coincidence I walked
into an open house that wasn’t even your
own listing, but one you had graciously offered
to attend to in the listing broker’s absense.
I was definitely in the right place, and at the
right time.

“Gracious” is just one of many superlatives
that applies to the experience I have had with you,
as you have expertly “guided” me through
the entire process of buying my dream home
in Princeville- a purchase I have contemplated
for the past 20 years.

Again, “fate” interceded, and brought the
two of us together to make the realization of
my dream a reality.

A huge “Mahalo” to someone I now consider to
be a close and dear friend. You can be assurred
I will be only referring my friends to you in the
near & distant future, when they too want to
purchase their own piece of paradise.

S. Kurt Weissbecker