Patti Weaver

Aloha Al,

Thank you for all of the pictures and all of your hard work. If we are fortunate enough to go into escrow on this house this will be it and we won’t even look at any other properties!! I swear!! You have gone above and beyond in your efforts to find a place for us and have been so timely in your communications, etc. I know how frustrating it is to keep writing offer after offer for the same client- our market was like yours about a year ago. And thank you for keeping your cool and writing ANOTHER offer for us on this house before we’ve even heard back on the Cliffs offer. I know that you’re on the same page as us, as far as what we’re looking for and we appreciate your resolve to make it happen. You are a fabulous agent and we feel so fortunate to have found you. In past transactions, we have worked with other agents who were less than spectacular. Being a California real estate agent myself, beleive me, I know! In our eyes, you’re ten feet tall and bullet-proof and we hope that we can send future business your way with friends and affiliates.