David & Kathy Schwaab

Aloha Al:

This letter is to thank you and to commend you for the truly outstanding job you did for us as our buyer’s agent in finding, buying, and renting the perfect property for us in Kauai. We would have never before even considered buying a property without seeing it first in person, but after working with you for few months, we learned that you really were looking out for our best interests, and that we could certainly trust your judgment and experience.

After understanding our needs, you counseled us toward what were the right areas for us, even though we thought another part of the island was what we wanted (and we later learned that it indeed was not). After showing us many properties, you then helped us work though offers that were spot-on for the market and that turned out to be absolutely correct, until we got the right house for us at the right price!

You then directed the deal through closing, ensuring that all our interests were protected and that we continued to get the right deal, moving the mortgage and title companies along when they were not going to make the closing date, and making arrangements for inspections, the 1031 accommodator, and with the selling agent for a flawless completion and hand-over.

As if that were not enough, you then helped us arrange to get some needed work done on the house, and even gave us excellent counsel that greatly helped us get the property

We have had six real estate transactions and we have never been so satisfied or impressed as with your outstanding professionalism and expertise on our behalf. We cannot imagine a more difficult purchase as one made in Kauai from the middle of the mainland, and we could not be more happy or satisfied as we are as new Kauai property owners, all thanks to you!

We will strongly recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase property in Kauai, and hope you will use us as a reference. You did an amazing job for us, and we cannot
thank you enough!

David and Kathy Schwaab
Fort Collins, CO